Essential Oil Roller Blends for the Soul

All of the essential oil roller blends are made to order and created by hand, using 100% pure essential oils, fractionated coconut oil and packaged in sustainable and reusable quality grade amber glass bottles.

These blends have been created to compliment your health and lifestyle and are not claimed to cure any medical condition or illness. Please consider the advice of your medical practitioner before using any of these blends if you have any medical concerns or are pregnant.

These essential oil blends can be applied and used on the neck, behind the ears, temples, inside of the wrists, elbows, bottom of the feet or where desired

Available Essential Oil Roller Blends:
– Bed Time Blend
– Spirit Blend
– Grounding Blend
– Mood Blend
– Women’s Blend

$12 each (10ml amber glass roller bottle) OR Pack of 5 (one of each blend/5 of your choice) for $50

Email or DM Instagram @wellnesswithkrystal 
to place your order.
*additional $10 postage and handling/free postage for orders of $100 or over.


I hope you enjoy your purchase and love using these in your daily routine as much as I do! 


Love and gratitude xx